Sennheiser MD 421 II


Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with High SPL Capacity and 5-Position Bass Roll-Off Switch

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Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with High SPL Capacity and 5-Position Bass Roll-Off Switch

One of Sennheiser's most popular microphones! It's the MD 421 II's versatility that has made this mic so widely-acclaimed. Its ability to handle high pressure levels makes it a natural for guitars and drums, but that's just the beginning. The MD 421 II's full-bodied cardioid pattern and five-position bass control means it's an excellent choice for most instruments, as well as group vocals, or radio broadcast announcers. One listen and you'll know why it's a classic.

Sennheiser MD 421 II at a Glance:
Cardioid mic with outstanding performance in diverse recording and live situations
Excellent feedback rejection and 5-position bass roll off to virtually eliminate proximity effect
Exceptionally sturdy design with dust-resistant inner chassis
A cardioid mic for a host of applications!
The MD 421 II is one of the best-known microphones in the world. Its excellent sound qualities enable it to cope with the most diverse recording conditions and broadcasting applications.

Feedback rejection and bass rolloff
The MD 421 II's cardioid pattern offers outstanding feedback rejection, making it an excellent choice for live situations or recording environments where bleed from other instruments may be an issue. And the five selectable bass roll off settings control proximity effect, so you can use the MD 421 II in close-miking situations and still get clean, clear response with no unnatural bass boost.

A sturdy, reliable mic
The MD 421 II has a glass composite housing and hardened stainless steel basket for rugged and durable performance in the studio or onstage. The sound inlet basket is refined steel for capsule protection. When you consider the lifetime performance and versatility of this mic, it's easy to understand why the MD 421 II is world-renowned for quality and value!

Glass composite housing and hardened stainless steel basket - rugged and durable
Five position bass roll-off switch - compensates for proximity effect
Frequency response 30Hz-17kHz
Effective feedback rejection
Clear sound reproduction
Acoustic components enclosed in inner chassis - reduced sensitivity to dust and humidity
Internal bass tubes help deliver accurate low end response
Handles exceptionally high sound pressure levels
Mic clip included
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