Thronmax Expert P2 Shock Mount


Metal Suspension Shockmount

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Metal Suspension Shockmount
Shockmount ที่ออกแบบมาสำหรับ THRONMAX ไมคโครโฟนโดยเฉพาะ ไม่ว่าจะเป็น ไมค์ USB หรือ XLR วัสดุทำจากโลหะมีความแข็งแรงและทนทาน แต่มีน้ำหนักที่เบา
Thronmax MDrill One, MDrill One PRO, MDrill Dome, MDrill Dome Plus,MDrill Zero, MDrill Zero Plus,
MXL Mics 770 ,MXL Mics 990,Shure SM58 , Blue Spark Blackout SL XLR ,Samson C01 ,Audio Technica
AT2020, MXL BCD-1
Blue yeti, Blue Yeti X. Blue snowball. Shure Sm7B, Rode Nt usb, Audio-Technica AT2020USB,HyperX
QuadCast Samson G-Track Pro,
AKG Pro Audio Lyra,Blue Raspberry,AVerMedia USB Multipurpose Microphone
Any other 5/8 and 5/10 thread USB or XLR microphones microphones

Features :
Fits All THRONMAX Microphones
Expert Shock Mount with 5/8" Adapter
Fully metal solid body
Custom designed shock mount for Thronmax and most of USB and XLR microphones
Isolated the microphone from noise, shock and vibrations.
New improved hinge design that locks in place
Works with both US and EU microphone boom arm
Lightweight Metal Construction

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