ADV. MODEL 3 BA2 Dual-driver In-ear Monitors


หูฟัง ADV. MODEL 3 BA2 Dual-driver In-ear Monitors

หมวดหมู่ : in ear ADV.

แบรนด์ : ADV.



Excellent Instrument Separation
ADV. Model 3 BA2 utilizes our proprietary dual (2) balanced armatures in passive crossover configuration that emphasizes the mid frequency range normally overlooked in an consumer application.  This linear frequency response pushes a lot more information in the mid-range where a lot of instruments sitting in the back is brought forward, resulting in an excellent instrument separation within any music genres.  Its sonic characteristics are ideal for drummers, bass players, vocalists, sound engineers and composers.

MMCX Detachable Cable
The Model 3 BA2 features MMCX detachable cable system to swap out the cable when the cable gets damaged or frayed.  This system allows you to quickly get back from your down-time for the next gig or recording sessions without needing to purchase the entire unit again.

Truly Designed for Musicians
The light-weight, ergonomic design allows ADV. Model 3 BA2 to sit in your ear comfortably for a long listening session, while the over-ear memory hook securely holds the Model 3 BA2 in place.  This secure and comfortable fit is ideal for use in live concert / recording session for musicians and professionals.

Accessories1 MMCX silver-plated copper 3.5mm cable
3 pairs of blue Fidelity foam tips
3 pairs of white Fidelity silicone tips
1 premium carrying case
1 leather cable tie 1
1/4" adapter

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