ADV. Model 3 BA 4 | 4-driver Guitarist In-ear Monitors


Designed for professionals in music performance and recording with pin-point accuracy.

หมวดหมู่ : in ear ADV.

แบรนด์ : ADV.


Pinpoint Accuracy
ADV. Model 3 BA4 utilizes the proprietary quad (4) balanced armatures in passive crossover configuration that accurately reproduces entire frequency range of sound for maximum detail.  This un-colored tuning invokes transparency and an intense sense of realism in sound, making it an ideal instrument for guitarists, sound engineers and composers.

MMCX Detachable Cable
The Model 3 BA4 features MMCX detachable cable system to swap out the cable when the cable gets damaged or frayed.  This system allows you to quickly get back from your down-time for the next gig or recording sessions without needing to purchase the entire unit again.

Truly Designed for Musicians
The light-weight, ergonomic design allows ADV. Model 3 BA4 to sit in your ear comfortably for a long listening session, while the over-ear memory hook securely holds the Model 3 BA4 in place.  This secure and comfortable fit is ideal for use in live concert / recording session for musicians and professionals.

1 MMCX silver-plated copper 3.5mm cable
3 pairs of blue Fidelity foam tips
3 pairs of white Fidelity silicone tips
1 premium carrying case
1 leather cable tie
1 1/4" adapter

Driver unit Quad (4) balanced armature
Impedance 11.5ohm+/-15%
Sensitivity 110dB+/-3dB at 1kHz
Frequency response Super Wideband 20Hz – 40kHz
Rated input power 2mW
Max. input power 3mW
Cord length 1.5m silver-plated copper
Plug 3.5mm Gold Plated

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