SHURE BLX288A/PG58 BLX Wireless Microphone UHF.M19 (694-703 MHz) Q12 (748-758 MHz)

หมวดหมู่ : Wireless System Wireless Microphone system

แบรนด์ : Shure


Dual Channel Handheld Wireless System Features 2 x PG58 Handheld Microphones - Q12 Band (748-758 MHz).


ชุดไมโครโฟนถือไร้สายแบบคู่ ประกอบด้วย

SHURE BLX2 Handheld Transmitter ด้ามไมค์ลอยแบบมือถือ 2 ตัว
SHURE BLX88 Dual Channel Receiver เครื่องรับสัญญาณไมค์ลอย สองแชแนล 1 เครื่อง (คลื่นความถี่ 748-758 MHz)
SHURE PG58 Vocal Microphone หัวไมค์ลอย (สำหรับงานเสียงร้อง ห้องอัด) 2 ตัว

The BLX288/PG58 Dual Channel Handheld Wireless System is part of the BLX wireless systems family.


Shure BLX® Wireless Systems combine professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a variety of configurations, it’s the most accessible way to own the stage.


Includes 2 PG58 handheld transmitters, BLX88 dual-channel receiver, 2 microphone clips, power supply, 4 AA batteries, and user guide.



SHURE BLX88 Dual-channel receive

The durable BLX88 offers simple setup, intuitive controls, and microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity. One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference. For use with BLX Wireless Systems. 

XLR and ¼" output connectors
Microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity
Two-color audio status indicator LED

SHURE BLX2  Handheld Transmitter

Compatible with Shure microphones trusted by musicians for decades, including the legendary SM58®, the BLX2 transmits wireless audio with professional clarity and reliability. For use with BLX Wireless Systems.

Integrated microphone capsule design, featuring PG58, SM58®, or BETA®58A options
Lightweight, rugged construction
Color ID caps (available separately)

SHURE PG58 Vocal Microphone

A rugged microphone tuned to accentuate the clarity of lead and back-up vocals.

Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically for vocal applications.
Frequency Respense 60 to 15,000 Hz
Cardioid polar pattern picks up the most sound from in front of the microphone and some sound from the sides. Less susceptible to feedback in high volume settings.
Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil. Handles extreme volume levels without distortion.
Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level.
Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise.
Durable metal construction.
On/off switch for onstage control.
Hardened steel mesh ball grille that resists wear and abuse.
Integral "pop" filter reduces explosive breath sounds and wind noise.
Includes 15ft (4.57m) cable, break-resistant mic clip and storage bag.
Replacement cartridge: RPM150.


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