512 Audio Academy Studio Monitoring Headphones


Closed-back Studio Monitoring Headphones with Collapsible Design, Swivel Earcups, 45mm Dynamic Drivers, Detachable Cables, and Hard Case

หมวดหมู่ : HeadPhone 512 Audio

แบรนด์ : 512 Audio


Comfort and Clarity for Long Studio Sessions
Whether you're podcasting, recording, or broadcasting, the 512 Audio Academy Studio Monitoring Headphones have you covered with tailor-made comfort and a superior acoustic seal. Featuring 45mm dynamic drivers and an extended frequency response, these cans produce naturally crystal-clear audio for listening to vocal recordings in the studio. Given their compact construction, they easily fold up for storage in backpacks and carrying cases. Here at Sweetwater, we've found the padded earcups and adjustable headband lead to supreme comfort for hours on end!

512 Audio Academy Studio Monitoring Headphones Features:
45mm drivers capture nuances in voice and vocals
Ideal for podcasting, recording, streaming, or broadcasting
Fully adjustable headband and ear cup design for listening comfort
Designed to isolate sound with an acoustic earcup seal
Extended frequency response
Includes straight and coiled detachable cables and hard case
3.5mm to ¼” adapter included

Fit Style:Circumaural (Around the Ear)
Driver Size:45mm
Noise Attenuation:Passive Noise Isolation
Cable Type:Coiled, Straight
Cable Length:9.8 ft. (straight), 4.9 ft. (coiled)
Features:Hard Case, Swivel Earcups
Manufacturer Part Number:PHP 512

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