Warm Audio BUS-COMP


Warm Audio BUS-COMP Stereo VCA Bus Compressor with 5 Ratios, Side Chain Input and Filter, and Cinemag Transformers

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Classic VCA Bus Compressor Design Reimagined
The mystique of old-school analog gear is undeniable, with certain pieces achieving legendary status. One of which is the classic VCA stereo bus compressor that has graced countless hit records with its characteristic mojo and unmistakable vibe. However, at Sweetwater, we know these storied units can carry hefty price tags, making them inaccessible to some home recordists and project studio owners. So, Warm Audio made it their mission to shatter the cost ceiling and put the magical sound of the classic design into as many hands as possible with the Warm Audio Bus-Comp stereo VCA bus compressor. But they didn’t stop at the original specs, adding new features and functionally to expand upon the Bus-Comp’s inspiration, including the ability to insert CineMag transformers into the signal path for added depth and color. Whether you’re using it on your front end for drum overheads, room mics, or keyboards, or on the back end to glue together your mix, the Warm Audio Bus-Comp Stereo VCA Bus Compressor is the right tool for the task.

Boutique bus compressor, ready-to-wear price
To impart the Bus-Comp with its boutique-caliber sonics, Warm Audio chose premium components, such as custom USA-made CineMag transformers and THAT Corporation VCAs. Using efficient, modern manufacturing techniques, Warm Audio removed unnecessary cost from the units, keeping the price tag low without having to compromise quality. That means you get all the vibey VCA compression at a fraction of the price!

Familiar functionality with some welcome additions
The Warm Audio Bus-Comp is deceptively simple, with six knobs for controlling Threshold, Attack, Ratio, Release, HPF, and Makeup gain. Still, it is extremely flexible and capable of handling any level of compression, from light mastering-style compression to heavy over-compressed sounds, all while retaining a musical tone. Other controls include a compressor bypass switch for quick A/B comparison, external sidechain engage, and transformers engage for adding rich harmonics and coloration to the compressed signal.

Warm Audio Bus-Comp Stereo VCA Bus Compressor Features:
Classic VCA bus compressor design with modern appointments
Premium components including CineMag transformers and THAT Corporation VCAs
5 ratio settings, from 1.5:1 to 10:1


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