Yamaha รุ่น AG03


Yamaha AG03 Mixer with USB Audio Interface

หมวดหมู่ : Mixer Digital Mixer

แบรนด์ : Yamaha




Multipurpose 3-channel mixer with USB audio interface

- Multipurpose 3-channel mixer with USB audio interface.
- Flexible LOOPBACK feature – perfect for live recording or webcasting.
- High resolution (24-bit192kHz) 2-track audio recording and playback.
- “D-PRE” studio quality mic preamps with high gain and low noise.
- Easy control and pro sound with 1-TOUCH COMP/EQ, EFFECT processing.
- +48V phantom power on CH1 input for condenser mics and Dl boxes.
- Hi-Z input for guitars on CH2.
- iPad (2 or later) connectivity via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (requires external USB - power supply).
- USB buspowered for Mac & PC.
- Rugged metal chassis.
- Includes Cubase AI downloadable version.
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