Alctron CU58 USB Recording Condenser MIC


Alctron CU58 USB Recording Condenser MIC USB Microphone คุณภาพสูงจาก Alctron High quality A/D converter with 24bit/96KHZ sampling rate

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Alctron CU58 USB Recording Condenser MIC 


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Product introduction
CU58 is a USB microphone with cardioids polar pattern. It features monitor mix control switch, headphone volume control switch, mic gain adjustable switch and mic mute knob. All four switches and knob makes mic more practical. It is a plug-and-play USB device, compatible with Windows and MAC computer. It builds in a purple LED inside the microphone cage that indicates when the microphone has power. Its special mount shock reduces the thrill during recording and stage performance.



1.Condenser microphone with USB output for digital recording

2.Cardioid polar pattern improves isolation of desired sound source and a reduction of sound to the side and rear

3.High quality A/D converter with 24bit/96KHZ sampling rate for superb audio

4.Just plug and play without any drivers, powerful compatibility

5.Smooth, extended frequency response ideally suited for podcasting, home studio recording, field recording and voiceover use

6.Wide range frequency response collects instruments and vocal clear and natural

7.Designed for podcasters, net meeting, students and multimedia presentation

8.Features mic gain, mix and volume control knobs



Capsule:16mm electrets capsule

Polar pattern: cardioid

Frequency response:20hz-20khz


Dynamic range:96dB

Max SPL:110dB

Sampling rate:24bit/96khz

Output connector: USB


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